Community Service

 Villa's tradition of service is grounded in the legacy of our founder, Mother Cabrini, and Catholic Social Teaching.

Yearly, each grade level chooses a theme or agency to partner with that is developmentally appropriate for the age of the students. Background information about the agency or theme is studied so students understand a bit more about the needs and the people served.  The teachers, students, and organization then discuss ways the students can help.  As much as possible, students engage in the act of service, and not just collecting money.

For our younger students, this means service to the local Villa community through on-site activities and school-sponsored outreach.

For our middle school students, we require 9 hours of community service per trimester to be earned through a combination of on-site activities and individual off-campus work. Middle school students must obtain the form to log their hours from their religion teachers and/or from the school’s website. Students who perform a total of 125 hours or more over the 12 trimesters of middle school earn the Mother Cabrini Award for Excellence in Service when they graduate.

A unique part of our community service is the reflection students do after an activity or event.  This profound reflection (discussion, journal writing, drawing, etc.) allows teachers to draw connections between what students did, what they felt, our faith, and what it means to have a compassionate heart.


    • Decide what kind of work might fit your unique interests and talents. Do you like to work outside? Are you interested in working with kids? Do you love animals? Are you great at organizing and sorting? Do you have a musical talent someone in need of companionship would enjoy? Take a volunteer personality quiz at to help narrow down your volunteer options.
    • Take part in special volunteer events for youth. Sign up for events such as Global Youth Service Day. Small groups of youth volunteer for various community improvement projects then an event follows where the volunteers will be recognized and provided with lunch, prizes, and entertainment. Grab a few friends and try it out!
    • Find some inspiration. Keep your eyes open for needs in your community, notice what big issues you feel most deeply about, talk to people who are involved in non-profit work, and read about kids making a difference in the world at sites like What Kids Can Do and Do Something.




    PAWS Ideas for Kids

    Whisker City (Shoreline)
    Off premises service projects welcome with supervision.


    Thistle Theater (puppet theaters in Magnuson Park, Ballard and Bellevue)
    Welcomes middle school age volunteers as ushers for weekend shows (watch the shows for free!).

    Friends of Seattle Public Library (Magnuson Park)
    Help with set-up and organization for book sale in September and various other times.

    Museum of History and Industry (Lake Union)
    At times has opportunities for education program inventory and administrative support. Open to your ideas!

    Civic Light Opera Administrative Offices (Magnuson Park)
    Would welcome youth volunteers for occasional needs including mailings and office support.

    Treehouse (2100 24th Ave South, Seattle)
    Collect and/or sort donations for kids in foster care. Special events. Donations always welcome.

    Seattle Baby Corner (St. Joseph parish, also supported by St. Bridget)
    Help unpack, sort, organize, prepare mailings, etc. Youth welcome on-site or take items home to work on. Donations always welcome.

    Solid Ground Sand Point Housing (Magnuson Park housing, main Solid Ground offices in Wallingford)
    Gladly accepts donations of new or slightly used household items like blankets, sheets, towels, pots, pans and silverware. Please contact them if you would like to collect items you think they could use.

    Possible opportunities with many other Solid Ground programs (formerly called Fremont Public Association):


    EarthCorps (Magnuson office, projects city-wide)
    Great organization! Website lists frequent restoration/stewardship work days; unchaperoned youth welcome with waiver.

    Seattle Parks and Recreation (city-wide projects)
    Frequent restoration work days, many for Magnuson Park wetlands! Just a written letter from guardian required for unaccompanied youth.

    Outdoors for All (office at Magnuson Park)
    Volunteer opportunities for ages 13-15 in their Winter Cadet and Junior Camp Counselor Programs.

    Cascade Bicycle Club (office at Magnuson Park, events around the city)
    Assist with special events, educations/outreach projects, bike maintenance parties, Bike to School campaigns, etc.


    Seattle Red Cross
    Lots of opportunities across the city for youth.

    Ronald McDonald House (Laurelhurst)
    Ages 13-15 welcome to volunteer on site with adult; all ages encouraged to collect and deliver supplies from their wish list.

    Seattle Childrens (Laurelhurst)
    Collect and deliver toys for patients.

    Catholic Community Services Volunteer Chore Services
    Contact them about how to assemble "Shoeboxes of Joy" for the holidays or volunteer in person at various locations with an adult.

    Northaven Assisted Living (Northgate)
    Visit with residents, play card/board games, provide entertainment, perform musical instrument, etc.

    Cabrini Senior Housing (First Hill)
    Provide entertainment, company, treats, assistance for special events, etc.

    Food Lifeline (Shoreline)
    Welcomes volunteers over 6 years with adult to hep package food. Must schedule 1-2 months ahead or select "Save the Day" for possible openings 1-2 weeks ahead.

    North Helpline Emergency Services and Food Bank (Northeast Seattle)
    Under 16 yrears welcome Friday AM (when not in school!) for sorting with adult. Food donations always needed.

    Catholic Community Services Sacred Heart Shelter (Queen Anne)
    Welcomes prepared meals and/or donations of new toiletries and household items for women and children. On site opportunities possible with adult.

    Solid Ground Sand Point Housing (Magnuson Park housing, main Solid Ground offices in Wallingford)
    Gladly accepts donations of new or slightly used household items like blankets, sheets, towels, pots, pans and silverware. Please contact them if you would like to collect items you think they could use.

    Possible opportunities with many other Solid Ground programs (formerly known as Fremont Public Association)



    • Develop an awareness campaign for your favorite issue/organization.
    • Look up a local nursing home and offer to bake cookies for them
    • Notice a park or public area that needs to be cleaned-up and recruit family/friends to help some Saturday.
    • Sponsor a senior citizen prom.
    • Provide child care for a community event.
    • Get family/friends to clean out their closets and offer to collect and deliver items to a charity for them.
    • Turn your science project findings into a campaign/service project.
    • Create an internet safety presentation for younger students.
    • Did you learn about an injustice or problem in the world in school that seemed important to you?
    • Have your birthday party "gifts" benefit a charity.
    • Add a unique twist to any project! Maybe even handstands...