High School Application Process

Finding the right high school for your student is an exciting process. Our Middle School faculty and Admission staff has compiled this information to help guide you through the process. We also hope that you will contact us this year with questions, comments and observations about the process.

James Joseph, Middle School Director, email
Norma Jenner,
Academic and Student Life Coordinator, email
Angela Dugan, Director of Admissions, 206.527.9388, email


  • Download this Application Timeline as a PDF>

    7th Grade


    8th Grade


    • Begin scheduling student visits (online registration opens as early as September 1st for some schools, others require submission of application first)
    • Seattle Public Advanced Learning programs teacher referral and test registration deadlines (see http://www.seattleschools.org/cms/one.aspx?pageId=14554)

    October - November


    Visits/interviews, testing, work on applications.

    • December 1: Forms due to Ms. Jenner (intention form, records request, teacher evaluation, etc.)
    • Early December:Sibling applications due for many schools - check school websites;
      Preliminary applications due for many schools - check school websites
    • Throughout December: Entrance exams
    • End of December: Financial Aid deadline for some Catholic schools


    • January 1: Check open enrollment periods for non-Seattle Public School districts if interested


    • Application deadline for Catholic Schools - Monday, January 9, 2017
    • Application deadline for Independent High Schools
    • Financial Aid deadline for some Catholic schools
    • Applications must be complete by these deadlines. Most schools have a grace period for the ISEE and school records until 1/31


    • Early February: Financial Aid deadline for most Independent Schools
    • Mid-February: Decision notification for Catholic School- Wednesday, February 15, 2017
    • Mid-February: Decision notification for Independent Schools - Friday, February 24, 2017
    • End of February: Confirmation of acceptance/Deposit due to Catholic High Schools


    • February - March: Open Enrollment Period for Seattle Public Schools - choice schools
    • Mid-March: Remaining Independent Schools Decision Notification to families
    • End of March: Confirmation of acceptance/deposit due to Independent Schools

    Download this Application Timeline as a PDF>

  • ❏ Read high school family guide  (check!)

    ❏ Attend Open Houses

    ❏ Use High School Family Questionnaire (optional) to help prioritize and coordinate your family’s plan

    ❏ Schedule school visits (3 visits permitted as excused absences with visit form submitted to Main Office in advance)

    ❏ Register for testing dates

    ❏ Turn in High School Application Intention Form with Records Request forms and Teacher Evaluation forms (if necessary) to Ms. Jenner and/or send online requests to teachers by December 1

    ❏ Complete applications for high schools including student essays (either hardcopy or online)

    ❏ Submit application online or directly to schools before the due date


    ❏ Complete parent portion of applications

    ❏ Fill out financial aid forms, as necessary

    ❏ Send in deposit upon decision

    ❏ Register student with Public schools, as necessary

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