Enrichment Classes

Villa Academy offers a broad range of enrichment programs that provide opportunities to experiment with an interest, develop new skills, or pursue a passion. And all of Villa Academy’s enrichment programs are truly “co-curricular” – building on and complementing lessons, skills, and activities introduced through the school curriculum. These programs take place before and after school and are available for children from Kindergarten through 8th Grade and vary depending on student interest and instructor availability.

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Writing Club

Come and unleash your creative storytelling side for an hour each Tuesday after school. You don’t have to come with ideas; the club is all about diving around in our brains to find out what’s bubbling to come out. Then we watch it spill onto the paper. After a quiet writing time, we come together at the end of the period to share and laugh.

Chess Club

Brand new, developing and experienced chess players will receive age and experience-appropriate instruction in a warm and supportive team environment. Chess4Life focuses on positively encouraging students at all levels, developing sportsmanship and ‘team play’, and providing the opportunities that students need in order to achieve success in chess.

Math Club

Villa’s Middle School Math Club meets after school one afternoon per week. Members learn and practice problem-solving techniques and prepare for math competitions. In addition, the Math Club goes on field trips to learn various ways in which math is applied in the real world. The Math Club participates in various regional and state problem-solving competitions. Chess

Mandarin Class

Sponge School offers weekly classes in Mandarin for grades K-3. Their classes are designed to be engaging and effective. We learn through hands-on activities, music, drama and art. Students focus on building comprehension and communication skills while they’re having fun.

Explore Art

This class is all about exploring art under the guidance of Thrive Art Center! Students will enjoy experimenting with markers, chalk and oil pastel, water color and acrylic paint, and colored pencils. New techniques will be taught to students, such as resist painting, layering and creating value, texture building, and more.

Green Team

The Green Team is a student-driven after-school club that will explore issues of environmental stewardship, sustainability, and conservation such as food waste composting, recycling, energy use, and air quality. This student team will participate in hands-on environmental science projects that will include conducting research, gathering data, and analyzing and sharing results in order to establish lasting positive changes in our school and community. Read more about Green Team on Mr. Crafts’ Green Team page and check out this video Green Team made last year as part of the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA program!


Performing Arts Enrichment Classes

The confidence to stand up in front of a crowd or help orchestrate a school-wide or community performance – this is part of Villa Academy’s whole-child philosophy.

Villa Academy students are natural performers and they have numerous opportunities to show off their abilities, from class projects, to school-wide assemblies, to spirit rallies. and each grade-level organizes, leads, and performs at least one prayer service during the school year – unique events which are known for their great music and creative approach to seasonal or liturgical themes.

In addition to class related projects and presentations, Villa Academy students can further explore their creativity and technical skill through a range of before- and after-school performing arts offerings.


The Villa Academy beginning and advanced bands are open to grades 4-8. Instruction focuses on rehearsal technique, music fundamentals, and a variety of repertoire, and students participate in performances throughout the year.

Villa Voices

In this choral group for students in grades 2-5, singers learn and perform selections from a variety of musical styles. Practices are held before school once a week. Participation is open to all interested students, and the group performs several times throughout the school year.


The Villa Academy After School Theatre Program offers each grade level (K-8) the opportunity to discover their inner thespian, director, choreographer, props manager, or stage manager.

For grades kindergarten through two, the school offers an after-school Fall Musical Workshop. Participants are introduced to a range of theater styles, singing, acting, and puppetry in a warm and informal environment.

Grades three through eight are invited to participate in the Villa Youth Theater, which performs a musical each spring. Auditions and rehearsals begin in February, with performances in March. All students who register receive a part in the ensemble, with special auditions for lead roles.

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Preschool Enrichment Classes

The P4 Enrichment program is available for interested families to extend their day from until 1:30pm; each day has a different theme and activities including supervised outdoor play, time for lunch, and an hour of focused enrichment fun. This year we are also offering P3 families the option of attending P3 on Fridays 8:30 am-11:30 am in addition to the regular Tuesday – Thursday classes.

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