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Villa Restoration Day

VILLA RESTORATION DAY | MAY 3 | 9AM-2PM Just four weeks ago YOU made history as Working our Way to the Water (WOWW) became our most successful Fund A Need ever. Four weeks from now our community will once again make history when WOWW officially launches with Restoration Day on May 3. This first phase [...]

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ADD: What Parents Need to Know

VillaTALKS presents “Attention Deficit Disorder: What Parents Need to Know” on Wednesday, March 19 at 7 p.m. in the Parlor.  Jessica Cabodi, Pediatrician with the Poly Clinic in Seattle, will speak to parents about Attention Deficit Disorder. She will go through the medical evaluation process and treatment strategies that are being used to effectively treat [...]

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At Villa Academy, the tradition of service to others is grounded in the legacy of our founder, Mother Cabrini, and Catholic Social Teaching.

Yearly, each grade level chooses a theme or agency to partner with that is developmentally appropriate for the age of the students. Background information about the agency or theme is studied so students understand a bit more about the needs and the people served.  The teachers, students and organization then discuss ways the students can help!  As much as possible, students engage in the act of service, and not just collecting money.

For our younger students, this means service to the local Villa community through on-site activities and school-sponsored outreach. For our middle school students, we require 9 hours of community service per trimester to be earned through a combination of on-site activities and individual off-campus work. Middle school students must obtain the form to log their hours from their religion teachers and/or from the school’s website. Students who perform 15 or more hours of service in any trimester earn the “Mother Cabrini Award.” Grade 8 students who have received the Mother Cabrini Award for 7 or more trimesters receive the Mother Cabrini Medal when they graduate.

A unique part of our community service is the reflection students do after an activity or event.  This profound reflection (discussion, journal writing, drawing, etc) allows teachers to draw connections between what students did, what they felt, our faith, and what it means to have a compassionate heart.

Take a look at the journey of service students at Villa Academy travel!

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