Fast Facts About Villa Preschool

Number of Students in Preschool

Average Class Size
Preschool: 16

2016-17 Tuition
Preschool 3 (P3) - $6,695
Preschool 4 (P4) - $10,565
Preschool 5 (P5) - $14,800
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Alumni High Schools
Private, Independent: 95%
Public: 5%
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Campus & Facilities
Founded: 1903 by Mother Cabrini (now St. Frances Xavier Cabrini) and her Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart
Campus: 31 acres on Lake Washington in Laurelhurst
Outdoor Features: gardens, orchard, forest, trails, waterfront access, outdoor classroom, soccer field, covered basketball court/play area, two age-appropriate playgrounds
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Faculty & Staff
Faculty/Staff with Advanced Degrees: 50%
Senior Administrators: 8
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Students in preschool are NOT required to wear a uniform.

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