New Faculty Announcement





Dear Friends,

I’m happy to announce the appointment of several new instructors and instructional assistants for the 2014 – 2015 academic year. All are experienced and well-prepared educators who bring an abundance of talent to Villa’s academic program and I’m excited that they’ll be joining our team!

Our new instructors include:

Ms. Jenny Romischer, who will be leading our second P5 class for the upcoming school year. Ms. Romischer is a graduate of Western Washington University (B.A., Education & Interdisciplinary Child Development) and earned a Master of Science Degree in Education, Curriculum & Instruction (with a focus on early literacy) from the University of New England (Biddeford, Maine). She completed a student-teaching appointment and, later, a kindergarten assignment at the Prague British School in the Czech Republic from 2005 – 2007. Most recently, Ms. Romischer was an instructor and the Program Director for the preschool at St. Mark’s Cathedral School in Seattle.

Ms. Kelsey Connors – 1st Grade; for the last four years, Ms. Connors has been on the faculty of St. Catherine School in Seattle. During the 2010 – 2011 academic year, she served as a physical education and 6th grade science teacher; since 2011, however, Ms. Connors has taught 3rd grade at St. Catherine’s. She is a graduate of Humboldt State University in Arcata, California (B.A. Elementary Education/Child Development) and is an experienced youth soccer coach. Ms. Connors is also the sister of Ms. Lindsay Gomula, a mathematics instructor in Villa’s Middle School.

Ms. Heather Casper – 2nd Grade; Ms. Casper is currently completing a teaching assignment at the Match Community Day Charter School in Boston, Massachusetts, where she serves as a small group instructor for 3rd grade English language learners in mathematics and English language arts. Prior to this job, Ms. Casper completed a series of student-teaching assignments and field experiences at several public schools in Spokane as well as at St. John Vianney Catholic School, also in Spokane. Ms. Casper is a graduate of Gonzaga University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. She holds a Washington State Certification (K-8) with a special endorsement for elementary education along with an English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) certification.

Ms. Abigail Nelson – 4th Grade; Ms. Nelson is a graduate of Gonzaga University (B.A., History with a Spanish Language minor) and the University of Portland (M.Ed., Education) where she participated in the Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education (PACE), a two-year, teaching and service program. She holds teaching certification in both Washington (reading endorsement) and Oregon (ESOL certification). Most recently, Ms. Nelson taught 4th & 5th grades at Saint Joseph School in Redding, California.

Ms. Erin Flotte – Middle School Mathematics; Most recently, Ms. Flotte has served as a long-term substitute mathematics instructor for the Office of Catholic Schools – Archdiocese of Seattle, primarily at Archbishop Murphy High School in Everett. At Archbishop Murphy High School, Ms. Flotte prepared courses in honors geometry; honors algebra II & trigonometry; advanced placement statistics and advanced placement calculus; honors pre-calculus and a pre-calculus fundamentals course. She is a graduate of the University of Portland (B.S., Mathematics; B.S. Secondary Education) and recently completed her Masters of Education degree in Curriculum & Instruction and Mathematics Education at the University of Washington. Ms. Flotte also holds teaching certification for Washington and Oregon.

Two current Villa Academy staff members will assume new assignments for the 2014 – 2015 academic year. Ms. Janice Isner will move from serving as an instructional assistant in our 1st grade classrooms to serving as the instructional assistant for our P4 class. Ms. Isner joined the Villa Academy community in 2012 as a P5 instructional assistant. Similarly, Ms. Pat Southern will move from her position as a 4th grade instructor to serve as the instructional assistant for our 1st grade teachers. Ms. Southern, a native of Rhode Island, has been teaching in the Seattle Archdiocese since 1979, first at Sacred Heart School in Bellevue and, since 1987, at Villa Academy.

Ms. Briana SteinCruz will join the faculty of Villa Academy this fall as a P5 instructional assistant, working with Ms. Romischer. Ms. SteinCruz was frequently called on over the past couple of years to serve as a substitute teacher at Villa Academy as well as at a number of schools in the Seattle Archdiocese. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Catholic Studies from the University of Portland along with a Master of Arts degree in Teaching from the University of Southern California.

Finally, Ms. Allison Vance will join the faculty of Villa Academy as an instructional assistant for our kindergarten teachers next fall. Ms. Vance is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound, (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and has earned a Master of Arts in Teaching, also at the University of Puget Sound. Most recently, Ms. Vance has taught art at the Thrive Art School (Seattle) along with serving as a substitute teacher at the Bush School since 2010.

In closing, I want to thank and congratulate my colleagues, Ms. Jody Elsner (Lower School Director) and Mr. James Joseph (Middle School Director), along with their applicant review teams on a job well done! Over the last few months, they reviewed scores of applications and resumes and participated in many interviews, demonstration-teaching activities and reference checks. I think they have secured some exceptional educators and I’m looking forward to having our newest colleagues join the Villa community this fall – making a “good thing” even better!

I hope you are all enjoying these early days of summer. I’ll be in touch, occasionally, over the summer to update you on “happenings” here…


John K. Milroy
Head of School
Villa Academy

All School Family BBQ/Picnic

We look forward to welcoming ALL of our school families to our annual All School BBQ/Picnic tomorrow, June 11, followed by Field Day for grades K-7. Enjoy a complimentary lunch and visit with friends before we say goodbye for the summer.

Here is the schedule:

11:50 am: Grades 6 and 7 dismissed from class to meet families outside and the get food

12:00 pm: Grades K-2 – Families meet students at their classrooms and then proceed outside to get food

12:10pm: Grades 3-5 students dismissed from classrooms to meet families outside and then get food

Once families have food (served in front of the school on “driveway”), please proceed to the grassy front lawn to eat and enjoy each others’ company. When students are finished eating and have disposed of their trash and compost, they may remain on the front lawn to play. (All recess rules apply to the front lawn too.) Parents/adults are asked to supervise.

When the airhorn blows at 12:45pm, K-7 students will report to the soccer field. There, the current 7th graders (our leaders next year) will lead the games for us! Students will travel through the various fun activities in groups composed of K-6th grade students. Games will conclude at 2:00 pm, when students will return to class for regular 2:15 Wednesday dismissal.

We hope everyone is able to come and celebrate the conclusion of the school year, even for just an hour or so. If you are unable to attend, you can designate another family for your child to eat with, and let your child’s teacher know.

Villa Earns Green Schools Award

During halftime of the 8th grade vs. Faculty basketball game, Villa was awarded a Level 3 certification from Washington Green Schools, becoming the first Washington Green School to certify in the School Grounds and Gardens category. Villa is one of only two schools in King County to earn Level 3 certification. Congratulations to all of our students and special thanks to our Green Team members for their leadership.

Kindergarten Coin Drive

Our kindergarten classes collected $284 in their recent Ronald McDonald House Coin Drive! Once the money was collected they used their money skills to sort and count the coins then purchased items from the RMH wish list. The children were very excited to pick out items for the RMH!

Working with RMH has been extremely beneficial for our kindergarten students. They all understand what it is like to be sick (although they don’t know the difference in severity) and feel great compassion for the children at RMH. The coin drive not only raised money for families at RMH, but it was also a great connection to our math curriculum as the students are learning to identify and count money. The children have really enjoyed working with the RMH this year!

New Uniform Sweatshirts FAQ

Everything You Need to Know About New Villa Sweatshirts 

As many of you have asked and inquired, the Spirit Store is beginning the process of adding our new logo to our uniform Villa Sweatshirts. We have done a few mock ups of them and they look great. It’s a fantastic way to show our Villa pride and get the word out about our amazing school. Listed below are some questions that will help make this new sweatshirt transition easier.

Q: “When are the sweatshirts with the new logos going to be available?”
A: We will begin ordering all uniform sweatshirts with the new logo beginning this summer or when inventory is out. (All special order items such as middle school sweatshirts will still have the Viking.)

Q: “What are you going to do with all the new sweatshirts you have in inventory with the old logo?”
A: A: I’m so glad you asked….for those of you who love the old logo or for those of you hoping to save a bit of money, all old logo uniform youth crewneck sweatshirts will be $15 and youth hoodies will be $20. Adult sized crews will be $20 and adult hoodies will be $25. It’s a fire sale! So support the VPA by helping us sell these sweatshirts to make room for the new ones. Fill out your order forms and all forms received between 4/7/14 and end of school will be billed at the above prices. These prices are good as long as we have inventory in stock and after the new sweatshirts are ordered prices will be set back at the normal rate.

Q: “Can I still wear my old logo uniform sweatshirts even after the new logo sweatshirts come out?”
A: Of course you can! You can hand them down or pick them up in the uniform exchange for as long as you like.

Q: “What about the Viking Logo? Is that going away?”
A: Heck NO! The Viking logo will still remain on all of our spirit gear, sporting items, and on special order items such as middle school sweatshirts. Go Vikings!

Q: “I have seen those completely awesome socks around the hallways, can I still order those?”
A: Why yes…yes you can! Get your orders in ASAP to have the coolest Villa socks around!

If you have any questions about the sweatshirts and the new logos please do not hesitate to ask. You can email Alethia Mead or Julie Jablonski or you can go to the big guns and email Amanda Peterson.

Thanks again for your understanding and patience during this transition. We hope that you will love your new sweatshirts and that you will want to stock up on the old ones.

- Alethia and Julie


Villa Restoration Day


Just four weeks ago YOU made history as Working our Way to the Water (WOWW) became our most successful Fund A Need ever.

Four weeks from now our community will once again make history when WOWW officially launches with Restoration Day on May 3. This first phase of our project has Villa partnering with EarthCorps for a unique environmental service-learning project to remove invasive species, return native plants, and create a trail between the Garden Learning Center and the Grotto.

This day is all about empowering our students and uniting our community. As we each take part in the Restoration we develop a sense of community ownership and responsibility for our natural resources. Of course, we’ll have a lot of fun too!

Oh, and did we mention there will be goats? You don’t want to miss the goats!

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for all the details.

Cope Miller’s Sports Update


Register NOW for Soccer and Track!
Track is starting next Tuesday the 1st. It is never too late to sign up.


We are offering a FREE pass to everyone to come and try out a Donald Watts Basketball class and a Cassidy Gray soccer class. FREE! This is a great opportunity for every student! I feel it is very important for every child to participate in some athletic team setting. It is great for your body and your mind. It teaches teamwork, commitment, cooperation, skills, working as a unit, and how to win as well as lose.

Please contact Donald Watts and Cassidy Gray by the end of April to schedule your FREE class!


Exciting news – Donald Watts is back by popular demand to lead Watts Basketball Classes at Villa Academy. Spring classes fill up fast, from the Little Dribblers (K-3rd Grade) and Future Stars (4th – 6h Grade) to All Stars (6th – 8th Grade), so register ASAP!

The Watts Way – CONFIDENCE, TEAMWORK, ENJOYMENT – are the touchstones your child will cultivate and take with them through life.  They’ll learn the best about the game and, most importantly, themselves! During the eight week course, professional coaches work closely with each student to nurture a sense of game intelligence while building character, confidence, sportsmanship and other lifelong skills that stick beyond the basketball court.

“Watts paved the way for a lot of us in the community…The hard work Donald puts in the community and on the court rubs off on people, its a blessing…”  – Nate Robinson (University of Washington, Denver Nuggets)

HURRY! Classes begin soon, so please register today. Questions? Call (206) 467-1383 or email the team at



Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you all.

- Cope Miller 604-4347