When Jesus Christ asked little children to come to him, he didn’t say only rich children, or white children, or children with two-parent families, or children who didn’t have a mental or physical handicap. He said, “Let all children come unto me.”

- Marian Wright Edelman


In the spirit of the Cabrinian tradition, cultural competency is essential to the education of the whole child at Villa Academy.  In an effort to honor, respect and engage people from all walks of life, we nurture in our students a desire to seek solidarity with all whom they may encounter.  We endeavor to create opportunities for constructive dialogue and responsible action. At Villa Academy, the entire community works to develop a greater understanding of the complexities of a diverse and global society.

Villa Academy strives to be welcoming, inclusive and accessible to all members of its present and future community. While acknowledging the value of all forms of diversity, we recognize the need to focus our efforts to build on the diversity that exists in our community. Therefore, in accordance with our Cabrinian heritage, we will seek greater socioeconomic, ethnic, and racial diversity, and cultural competence within our school community.