Villa Academy Transportation Plan

Morning drop-off & afternoon Pick-up procedures

After thorough evaluation and planning, Villa Academy has implemented a morning and afternoon drop off procedure that has proven highly successful in expediting the movement of vehicles and students and, more importantly, increased the safety of all of the school’s students, parents, and staff.

Families entering the Villa Academy campus have three simple options to choose from. Each of the three is tailored to meet the specific needs of the student, the school community, and the driver. See a map, below.

Green Line Pedestrian Option

Blue Line Express Option

Yellow Line Short-Term Parking Option

For use by students or families approaching the main gate on foot or bicycle.St. Bridget Church generously allows families who plan adequate time to park in their parking lot, walk over to campus together, and enjoy a brief conversation before the start of the school day.

For use by vehicles whose students have book bags, etc. on their laps and are ready to exit the vehicle instantly.

For use by vehicles with students who need extra help or time to get themselves and/or their gear out of the vehicle.

  • ALWAYS use the cross walk & the pedestrian gate at the school entrance.
  • ALWAYS stay to the right of the driveway, come through the building via the west door underneath the front steps to wait on the eastern patio for the bell to ring.


  • ALWAYS follow the blue path along the driveway at the north end of the Main Building, continuing all the way to the main drop-off/pick-up area.
  • STUDENTS MAY ONLY exit the car in one of the six, numbered and lined spaces in the drop off/pick up area.
  • ALWAYS use only the numbered and lined space to drop off/pick up student/s.
  • STUDENTS MUST ALWAYS exit quickly with bags in hand.


  • Follow the yellow path along the driveway and continue to the Short-Term Parent parking lot, ajacent to the Soccer Field.
  • This lot is intended for students needing time to gather belongings or those who need help exiting the car. Escort younger students to the patio area.
  • Morning and afternoon parking is only available in this designated lot.
  • Parking is not available in this lot on Wednesdays between 11am-1pm


Villa Academy asks that all drivers keep in mind a few, easy-to-follow guidelines established to enhance the safety of everyone on our campus:

  • DO NOT drop-off students or attempt to enter by the north end door to the first floor. This door will be locked and no longer used as an entrance or exit from the building because the Blue Line Express will be passing closely to the building. Pedestrians are excluded from this dangerous area during school hours.
  • DO NOT drop-off students around the perimeter of the gym where parking is limited and creates congestion to the flow of traffic exiting the campus. There is no drop off or pick up of students near the gym or the dumpsters.
  • There have been no changes in our procedures related to the south campus exit. Students who enter campus from the south end pedestrian gate should ensure their visibility to drivers exiting onto to 51st Ave. NE.
  • The small parking lot on the north end of the building is dedicated toDISABLED PARKING ONLY. Any other parking in this area is prohibited.
  • Long-term parking is only available on-street.
  • CELL PHONES: Many parents have asked that we prohibit cell phone use while driving on the Villa Academy campus. We ask that you avoid using your cell phone while driving on campus and follow laws regarding hands-free and texting. During the morning and afternoon drop-off and pick-up, campus pedestrian activity is quite heavy. It is imperative that all drivers give their full attention to the pedestrians and other vehicles around them.

Please respect the rules, the school’s employees, and our neighbors.

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Overview

Green Line Option:

For walkers, bikers, and St. Bridget parkers – Stay right of the drive – Pass through the building to wait on the east patio.

Blue Line Express Option:

For one stop drop off and pick up – No lengthy stops, parking, or waiting permitted.

Yellow Line Short Term Parking Option:

For lengthier stops, parking, or unloading students/gear – Non-express need