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Gardening at Villa

The Bubble Man

The Bubble Man visited the Villa Preschool today.

The Bubble Man’s Bubbleosophy

I bubbelieve that we the people are
just like bubbles.
We are all different shapes, colors and sizes,
just like bubbles
and some of us last longer than others,
just like bubbles…
and though our surface tensions may vary,
we all come from the same Source,
just like bubbles.
All bubbles come from joy.
All people come from Love, because only Love exists.
When we don’t know we come from Love,
we fall in Love.
When we realize we come from Love,
we rise in Love…
just like bubbles.

Litterless Campaign

Third grade students at Villa Academy have launched a “Litterless Campaign” to reduce litter and raise awareness of how litter negatively affect the environment.  Students are focused on cleaning up the grounds, especially the woods below the school where trash is frequently found.  

As part of their campaign, students produced and filmed, “The Littermess Monster, a movie about litter . . . .


Shrinking BIGFOOT

This week Villa 3rd-5th grade students attended an educational assembly presented by Seattle’s Triangle Associates, an environmental consulting practice that provides public involvement services and environmental education in the Pacific Northwest.

This very theatrical presentation, entitled Shrinking Bigfoot, takes students on an imaginary adventure to learn about the cause of climate change and what we can each do to reduce our BIG carbon FOOT print.

VIDEO: Beauty and the Beast

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Villa Academy’s recent musical production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! This was Villa’s largest musical to date, with more than 40 student participants grades 3 through 8.  If you missed it, catch the video highlights below.

Go Fly a Kite!

Spring began this week and nothing says spring quite like children flying kites on a sunny day!  Yesterday, Villa second grade students took their self designed kites for a test drive. Kites were designed and constructed in the Computer Lab as part of an integrated  project on air and weather. Students studied the history of kites and then made their own kite using the Pixie program with drawings of Chinese representations for happiness, long life, kindness, wisdom etc.

The Parrot Lady

Debbie Goodrich, aka the “Parrot Lady,” came to Villa to educate preschool students about parrots and the need to conserve our planet and save the rainforests.

This morning, the birds entertained students with a wide range of tricks including rollerskating, basketball, flight, and even speech (both English and Macaw).