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2012 Time Capsule

Today after Baccalaureate Mass, graduating eighth grade students buried the 2012 time capsule – not to be opened until 2028!!

Inspired by Michelangelo

Sixth grade students at Villa Academy had a chance to experience painting as Michelangelo once did in the Sistine Chapel.  While Michelangelo built his own 66-foot scaffolding and had his paints and supplies hoisted up with a pulley system, Villa students stayed grounded, substituting the underside of their desks for the Sistine Chapel.


Thank You Grandparents

What a beautiful day! Thank you to all the Grandparents who visited Villa Academy this morning and allowed us to share the academic accomplishments of their Grandchildren!

Please enjoy early dismissal and have a safe and sunny Mother’s Day weekend.



New Head of School (for the day)

6th grade student Caitlin H. has jumped feet first into her new role as Head of School for the Day.  If you’re on campus today, you can’t miss her. Caitlin is wearing an official “Head for the Day” t-shirt which lets everyone know just who’s in charge.


Caitlin’s interim position as Head for the Day comes courtesy of her parents, the highest bidders for Mr. Milroy’s experience item at this year’s fundraising auction.

Caitlin is not taking her new role lightly and has already implemented a few changes. In addition to calling for free dress, Caitlin had decreed a special recess period for the entire 6th grade and is currently meeting with Mr. Milroy, Middle School Director Mr. Joseph, and two special middle school consulting advisers regarding improvements within the Villa Middle School.

The rest of Caitlin’s schedule is booked solid. She has K-2 recess supervision duty, lunch, and then classroom visits to oversee.

Perhaps you can catch her out front at afternoon carpool duty – she shouldn’t be too busy for a friendly wave!

Holy Thursday

Today, Villa second grade students lead Holy Thursday prayer service, during which we remember when Jesus had his last meal with his disciples and instituted the Sacrament of Eucharist.

Each student donated a can of food which was brought forth as part of the service and collected for St. Bridget’s Food Bank. 

After the service, second grade students carried 2 tubs, 7 heavy baskets, and many bags filled with canned food from school, across the street to St. Bridget’s.

The church was very grateful and explained to our students where the food goes and why it is so badly needed.
Thank you to all the families who donated!



Buddies team to catch Leprechauns

Video: How to Catch a Leprechaun

Every year Ms. Olson’s classroom falls victim to leprechaun-related mischief around St. Patrick’s Day. With only a week left until St. Patty’s Day, preschool students teamed up with their fourth grade buddies to build leprechaun traps.  Students used recycled materials to construct leprechaun traps from a shoe box frame. Traps where rigged with gold and treasure – because everyone knows that no self-respecting leprechaun can resist the glitz and sparkle of gold!

The Cat in the Hat

The Villa Preschool celebrated Dr. Seuss, Theodor Seuss Geisel, the author of the unforgettable favorites: Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish, Horton Hears a Who and many more.

Tomorrow, March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and the annual date adopted as National Read Across America Day.

That just what the preschool did!

Mr. Milroy joined students in the preschool music room for a special story time reading of The Cat in the Hat. Students wore red and white striped hats and enjoyed Mr. Milroy’s reading . . .

The things that went on there that day? Should we tell her about it? Now, What should we do? What would YOU do if your mother asked YOU?

At the end of the story, a poll of raised hands showed that students are equally split about whether to tell their mother if a “cat in a hat” comes over to play.

After story time, some of the preschool students headed to the cafeteria for a practice run-through of lunch line procedures.

What was on the menu? Green Eggs and Ham, of course!