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4th Annual Seventh Grade World Fair

Villa’s Rainbow Theater was overflowing with impressive presentations earlier this week during the 4th Annual 7th Grade World Fair.  Every 7th grade student displayed a project from each of the five continents they studied this year: Europe, South America, Africa, Oceania and Asia.  As you can see in the World Fair Slideshow, topics ranged from Energy Conservation in Tokyo to French Fashion and Style.

Creative writing was a new component to this year’s World Fair as each student was required to write a novella based on one of his or her projects.   Seventh grader Caitlin Hendricks called the writing process a “long and thrilling journey” with many hours dedicated to the novella. “We have each finished our first book and are proud to present them to the community.”

Thank you, 7th Graders for celebrating the world with us and sharing your amazing work!

Spring Conference Sign Ups

Detailed instructions about how to sign up can be found HERE. Sign up site will close on Friday, March 15, 2013 at 5:00pm.

Classes are not in session Thursday, March 21 and Friday, March 22.  EDP will be open both days for registered students.

Lower School conferences are optional but highly encouraged.  Grade 6 & 7 conferences are mandatory. Grade 8 conferences are optional.

EDP will be open 8am-5pm on Thursday, March 21 and Friday, March 22 for grades K-8. Register through TEESO. Hourly options are available for Thursday.  There will be an EDP field trip on Friday so no hourly option is available. Children must arrive at Villa by 9am and not be picked up before 4pm.

Guadagno School of Law

U.S. District Court Judge John Coughenhour considers it to be one of the best examples of “real-life” learning he has ever seen.  Villa Academy parent, Angela Finney described it as “an amazing way to learn, and most importantly, critically think about our country’s history.”  The 8th Grade Mock Trial project required six weeks of preparation as students not only mastered the history surrounding Andrew Jackson and Native American removal during our nation’s westward expansion, but also prepared for the actual trial, learning about courtroom protocol, questioning techniques, and objection rules under the guidance of Villa Academy parent and attorney, Michael Guadagno.

In appreciation of Mr. Guadagno’s “hard work and dedication,” the 8th Grade students and teachers presented the south wing of the 4th floor as the “Michael A. Guadagno School of Law.”  Student, Lucy B. recognized Mr. Guadagno as “an irreplaceable person in our mock trial…we couldn’t have done it without him.”  She went on to note that under Mr. Guadagno’s guidance the students’ understanding of the law evolved from what they saw on TV and movies to “real knowledge about how our legal system works.”

Congratulations and a heartfelt thanks to Mr. Guadagno!

“Food Driving”

This week, Grade 6 students spearheaded the St. Vincent de Paul Thanksgiving Food Drive in conjunction with St. Bridget Parish. They consolidated collection boxes and bags throughout the school –  63 boxes of nonperishable items in total!

Here is another advisory group entry: Food Stadium

A new twist this year: Middle School Advisory groups participated in a structure building competition. The competition entailed creating free-standing structures out of the donated food collected by each Middle School advisory group. Winners will be selected in two categories: the tallest structure and the most creative structure.

The winner of each category wins a free dress day!!

Ms. Reznicek/Ms.Sprute’s Advisory won “Most Creative” (below)

Empire State Building




Ms. Pothier’s Advisory won “Tallest Structure” but sadly no photo of their creation was captured.

Please Pass the Peanut Butter

Grade 6 students made sandwiches to be delivered to St. Francis House. This is an ongoing community service project. Students prepare sandwiches for delivery once a month.

Using 24 loaves of bread students assembled a grand total of 250 sandwiches! Thank you Geri Henling for transporting the sandwiches this month!


Villa Students Participate in Mock Election

A controlled but eager crowd at the Villa Theater Precinct

On Tuesday, November 6th, students in Grades 3-8 had an opportunity to “vote” for the next President of the United States and the Governor of Washington State.  In addition to voting for their favorite candidates, students voted on a referendum to extend the school year in Washington State to 200 school days.

The process began two weeks prior when students were encouraged to register to vote. During lunch recess, fifth grade students were on hand to help with the registration process.  A week later, all registered voters were added to a “voter signature” sheet and received a voter registration card, which identified their voting precinct.

On the day of the election, the precincts were set up in the theater and 5th grade students were stationed at the  sign-in tables. After signing in, students received their ballot, voted and placed their ballots in ballot boxes for safe-keeping. Later in the day, all of the 5th grade students gathered to tabulate the vote.

After all the votes had been counted, the Villa students had elected President Barack Obama (59.6% of the total vote). Rob McKenna was elected the next governor (53% of the vote). Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift were write-in candidates on some ballots.

The referendum to extend the school year to 200 days was overwhelmingly defeated with an 85% “NO” vote! No surprises there!! After the counting was completed, results were announced the  to the entire school.

Looking back at the process, we were able to generate some additional statistics.  There were 219 students eligible to register to vote. Of those, a total of 98 (44.7 %) registered. Of all students registered to vote, 90 (92%) students voted in the election. Overall, 41% of the total eligible population exercised their right to vote!

God Bless America!


Dunk for Density!

Villa 6th grade science students in Roger Crafts’ and Janis Smith’s science classes had a great time discovering their own densities using the Density Dunk Tank. Each voluntary participant found his or her mass in kilograms and divided that by his or her volume in liters. Students not dunking took scale and tank measurements and entered the data into an Excel spreadsheet for later analysis.