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Please Pass the Peanut Butter

Grade 6 students made sandwiches to be delivered to St. Francis House. This is an ongoing community service project. Students prepare sandwiches for delivery once a month.

Using 24 loaves of bread students assembled a grand total of 250 sandwiches! Thank you Geri Henling for transporting the sandwiches this month!


Giving to Others…Easy as Pie

A 5th grade tradition continues! Students in Mrs. Jones and Mr. Richey’s classes made pumpkin pies for the 26th annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Matt Talbot Center – a recovery center for the homeless, addicted and mentally ill located in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.

Students paired up to begin assembling pies. Each team rolled out their pie crust, occasionally dusting the dough with flour and constructively debating the appropriate thickness. Mrs. Jones demonstrated how to use a rolling pin to drape the dough over the pie pan and fit it snuggly to the pan’s interior. The class completed this step and then moved on to the pie filling.

The fundamental mission of the Matt Talbot Center is to provide individuals and families the opportunity to overcome obstacles that hinder self-sufficiency. The center offers hope, services and support to those in need. Members are provided with the tools and opportunities to restore productivity and self-sufficiency to their lives and to reestablish relationships with their families.

Members of Holy Rosary Parish, Edmonds, have sponsored this event for many years, and the Villa Academy 5th graders are excited to provide “the trimmings” for this special dinner.

First Grade Class Visits with Grandfriends at Northaven


The First Grade classes visit Northaven Retirement and Assisted living in Seattle as their community outreach project. Each class visits Northaven four times during the year, alternating visits each month. The children read stories with their grandfriends, share a snack,  and maybe sing a song. Everyone enjoys this special time.  Mrs. Portwood’s class made their first visit this week.




Henry O. shares a story.

Fall Book Fair Thank You

Parents, Staff, Faculty and Students,

The Fall Book Fair, which we conducted in coordination with the University Book Store, was a huge success! Your purchases earned approximately $2000 for the purchase of books for the Villa Library.   We hope you enjoy the books you purchased as much as our students will enjoy the new books we purchase for the library with the book fair proceeds.   We are also especially thankful for the many books that were purchased for the library from our wish list. Our children will enjoy a variety of new books for years to come, due to your generosity.

Many thanks are offered to our wonderful volunteers!  These parents helped the students with book selection, estimating the cost of purchases, counting money and making change. A special “thank you” goes to the following volunteers: Wendy Gibbons, Amy Fouke, Suzanne Moreau, Nina Stuyt, Ann Selberg, Staci Foster, Kelli Smith-Bailey, Jennifer Porter, and Michael Guadagno.

Special events like the Book Fair could not happen without Villa’s Facilities Department personnel.  We truly appreciate the “behind-the-scenes” efforts, including putting up banners, setting up tables, and helping to load and unload books.

The staff and management at University Book Store were extremely supportive and knowledgeable and the book selection was perfect for Villa’s clientele. It is always a pleasure partnering with an independent bookstore for this event.  When you are in the U District, stop by their store on the Avenue, and enjoy the incredible selection and customer service.

Again, many thanks to all the Villa families, friends, staff and faculty who contributed to the success of the Fall Book Fair!

Karen Strand

Marta Franzen

Trick-orTreat for UNICEF Update

As their service project for the first trimester, the second grade students conducted Trick or Treat for UNICEF. Students made posters to advertise their project and visited lower school classrooms to explain their project and pass out Trick or Treat collection boxes.

The second grade collected a grand total of $1,120.57!  Way to go Villa! Over 60 pounds of coins were collected, and the students spent one math class attempting to count them.

Barbara Purn and Robert Downey

Miracle Room Dedication Tuesday, November 13

On Tuesday, November 13th 2012, the Villa Academy community will dedicate the “Miracle Room” with a brief ceremony and the unveiling of a special bronze plaque to commemorate the site of the second of two miracles credited to St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, the foundress of Villa Academy. The program will begin in the Academy’s Parlor at 9:30 AM and will be followed by refreshments, also in the Parlor.

Mother Frances Cabrini died on December 22, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois. Since her death, at least two miracles, investigated and confirmed by the authorities of the Catholic Church in the Vatican, have been attributed to her. These miracles were the foundation for Frances Cabrini’s canonization on July 7, 1946 as the first American citizen to be proclaimed a saint of the Roman Catholic Church.

The first miracle associated with Mother Cabrini occurred in 1921. On March 21st of that year, Peter Smith, a newborn infant at Columbus Hospital in New York had a solution of 50% nitrate (instead of the customary 1% solution of nitrate) applied to his eyes. Until the development and widespread adoption of antibiotics, diluted solutions of silver nitrate were dropped into the eyes of newborns at birth to prevent the contraction of certain diseases from the mother. With the application of the 50% solution to Peter’s eyes, blindness resulted.

The Sisters caring for the baby placed a relic of the late Mother Cabrini on the child and, after they prayed for a cure, Mother Cabrini interceded with the first miracle accredited to her. The next day, doctors were astounded when they found no damage whatsoever to the infant’s eyes. The baby, Peter Smith, later became a Catholic priest and  visited Villa Academy in the 1980s.

The second miracle credited to Mother Cabrini occurred at Villa Academy. The event was recorded in the May 1959 edition of St. Joseph Magazine as follows:

As Josephine Graziola, Sr. Delfina was received into the society [the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus] by Mother Cabrini in Italy in 1911. In 1914 she came to the United States and in 1916 went west to Seattle. There she was put in charge of the nurses’ quarters at old Columbus Hospital. The miracle, to which she testified at Mother Cabrini’s Cause for Canonization, happened like this:

“In 1925 I got very sick,” Sr. Delfina relates simply. “I couldn’t hold anything in my stomach. I had four major operations and finally the doctors said my only chance was another operation. I refused. I couldn’t even stand up; I was so weak. All I had, each day, was a small bit of the Host when they brought communion to me.

One day the bishop came to [Sacred Heart Villa to] confirm the orphanage girls and he came to see me too. After he gave me his blessing he told me to pray to [Mother Cabrini] our foundress. I didn’t see how there was any hope; I was a skeleton. But I prayed and so did all of my sisters. Finally one night, the 14th of December 1925, I couldn’t sleep and I looked up and Mother [Cabrini] was standing there. She shook her finger at me, just like she always did and said: ‘I’m going to send you to work.’ Then she smiled and disappeared.

I didn’t know what to think. For two days I didn’t tell anyone and just kept saying to myself, Mother told me… Mother told me… but I felt so much better that everyone could see the change. The next day I ate three meals and kept them all down. Then I told my confessor what had happened and said that I had to get up by December 22nd (the anniversary of Mother Cabrini’s death) and he told me to just get up and go to the [Villa] chapel by myself. I did.”

Sr. Delfina lived for 42 more years following her cure in 1925; she died on November 23, 1967 at the age of 76 and is buried at nearby Calvary Cemetery with many other Missionary Sisters from the Seattle community.

The room in which Sr. Delfina received her miracle is currently the Office of Admission and Community Relations, on the second floor, directly across from the Academy’s Parlor.

Villa Academy (formerly, Sacred Heart Villa Academy) remains a special place in the hearts of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus due to its rich history and the involvement of Mother Cabrini. They continue to remember Villa in their prayers – and the Villa Academy community is grateful for the dedication of the Sisters in the building of a literal and spiritual foundation for educating our young students.

All members of the Villa Academy community are invited to join Board Chair Mark Grey (Villa Academy Class of 1984), Fr. Stephen Okumu (pastor of St. Bridget Parish), Fr. Tim Saur (former pastor of St. Bridget Parish), Sr. Renee Kittelson, MSC (Resource Coordinator, Cabrini Senior Housing, Seattle) and me in this important celebration of Villa Academy’s spirit and heritage!

John Milroy

Head of School


Campus Clean Up: Thank you!

Thanks to all the Villa folks who turned out last weekend to spruce up our campus in advance of the Admission Open House on Sunday, November 18 at 1:00 p.m.

Special thanks to Villa parent and board member Scott Smith and the W.G. Clark Company for providing much needed resources.

Please tell friends and acquaintances about our Open House. We especially extend a welcome to current parents who may be looking at the next step in their child’s education at Villa.

They can dig it! From L to R: Head of School John Milroy, Villa Alum and current Lakeside student Karsten R., parent Christopher Roberts, parent Josh Herrala, parent and board member Tom Vail.

Brother, can you spare a broom? From L to R: Tom Vail, Facilities Director Ryan Erickson, Scott Smith, parent and board member.