Welcome to Villa Academy! We are pleased that your search has brought you to our website.

Currently, we have select openings for Fall 2014. Please email or call us at 206.527.9388 for detailed information.

When it comes to choosing a school, we want what you want: the best fit for your child. Villa kids are enthusiastic, curious students that take risks, ask questions, and celebrate their differences. They thrive in our compelling academic program, small classes, and supportive environment. If this sounds like your child, take some time to explore our site, visit our campus, get to know us.

We are deeply committed to the work we do and the connections we make with prospective students and families. You should feel free to contact us any time, and please come visit us soon!


Angela Dugan Angela Dugan,
Director of Admissions
and Enrollment Services(206) 527-9388
Goldsmith, Heidi, STF Heidi Goldsmith,
Admissions Assistant(206) 527-9388