Academics & Programs

Middle School

Villa Academy offers what middle school experts agree are the things that young teens need most:

  • Small classes
  • Personal attention
  • A dynamic, engaging curriculum
  • Teachers passionate about working with middle schoolers
  • A safe, wholesome environment
  • A culture of belonging and connectedness

At Villa Academy, students are known as individuals; they are prepared academically as well as socially and emotionally.

As students enter Middle School, they transition to the high school model of different teachers for different subjects. Students take on additional responsibility for their learning, understanding that a stepped-up effort and more intense focus is required as they prepare for placement in a college prep high school program.  They are challenged to think freely and across disciplines as they examine complex, real-world issues, and work collaboratively towards a solution. To enhance the learning process and provide applicable technological skills, students work with their own laptop computers.


To support the learning process, students meet in small Advisory groups divided by grade and by gender for intentional time dedicated to developing connections within a small supportive group of peers and a trusting relationship with a caring adult advocate. Advisory activities help develop self awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making skills within a safe environment where students can take healthy risks and grow.


In keeping with Villa’s mission of educating the whole child, middle school students enjoy a rigorous curriculum in core courses in the Humanities (Literature, Language Arts, Social Studies, Religion), Mathematics, Science, and World Languages (Spanish or French), which are complemented by courses in Visual Art, Music, and Physical Education.