8th Grade Visits Idris Mosque

This week, 8th graders visited the Idris Mosque where they witnessed a prayer service and conversed with Imam Mahmoud (from Egypt) and his translator Azizeh. Both the Imam and translator were impressed by the level of the questions and comments from our students.

As part of their follow-up to the visit, the students wrote thank you letters to Imam Mahmoud. Comments in the letters included:

  • What impressed me most was how patient Islam teaches their community to be
  • I felt blessed to come and witness the real Islamic faith
  • I could feel the power behind the Imam’s Arabic words
  • Praying five times a day shows such commitment to faith
  • Many stereotypes of Islam are terrible and not true
  • People in the mosque seemed so connected to one another
  • I did not know that Jesus’ mother Mary is the most revered woman in Islam
  • How interesting that the Idris mosque was the first originally built mosque west of the Mississippi River