Visit the Green Team’s Crane Tree

Green Team Crane Treeby the Villa Green Team

The pear tree in the Garden Learning Center hung with paper cranes, made by Green Team students, is a symbol of peace and reminds us to stay calm and appreciate our wonderful community and school.

The cranes are made out of G.O.O.S.E paper (still Good On One Side Everyday) collected by students by the Middle School printers. Think about saving paper that can still be used on the other side!

The crane tree reminds us to acknowledge and treasure our environment and the special things around us. Enjoy!

“Underneath the crane tree
Come and rest awhile with me
And watch the way the paper weaves
The branches of the crane tree
Reach from mountain to the sea
So come and dream or come and climb
If you want to pass the time.”
-Shel Silverstein (revised)