Family BBQ and Field Day Details

Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, June 13. All Villa families are invited to enjoy a family BBQ lunch. After lunch, students will enjoy field day and then be dismissed at the regular time, 2:15pm.

You will enjoy fabulous BBQ fare prepared by our amazing Villa Kitchen crew:   
Hot Dogs or Burgers, (beef, garden, chicken)
Corn on the cob
Water, juice, milk
Ice cream treats

BBQ Logistics:

Preschool Parents- Please watch for an email from your child’s teacher. We hope you all plan to join us at the BBQ.

Students in Grades K-4 will be dismissed to the BBQ at 11:50am. Parents, if you will be attending the BBQ with your child (and we hope you do plan to join the fun), please pick up your child in the classroom at 11:45am.

Students in Grades 5-7 will be dismissed at Noon and will meet families outside.

At 12:35, a bell will signal students in Grades K-7 to go to the field and begin Field Day activities at 12:45pm. Students will return to class at 2:00pm with regular Wednesday dismissal at 2:15pm.

Thank You

The Villa Lunch Program would like to acknowledge the following “graduating” volunteers for their many hours/years of service.

Marla Tuor
Gerlinde Whetzell
Catty Colee
Nicole Chicoine Mooney
Heidi Whaley

Thank you all for making lunch happen at Villa – you will be missed.

Don Bear and the Villa Lunch Team

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