7th grade hosts World Fair

Villa Academy 7th grade students will host a celebration of the nations in the Rainbow Theater, Tuesday, June 12th, between 11:00 and 12:45 for the annual Villa Academy World Fair.

This event is a culmination of 7th grade’s year-long study of five of the earth’s continents. Student will display a project from each continent they studied this year. ┬áThese projects are student-directed, teacher-supported independent studies of one (or several) particular areas of human or physical geography. Visitors will see almost 200 projects celebrating world cultures!

Other classes may participate in the 7th grade World Fair by visiting student exhibits representing different parts of the world, to get their “passport” stamped.

Our Villa 7th grader students have worked very hard on their projects all year, and we expect the World Fair to be a fun an educational experience for the entire Villa community!


Examples of past World Fair projects:

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