New Head of School (for the day)

6th grade student Caitlin H. has jumped feet first into her new role as Head of School for the Day.  If you’re on campus today, you can’t miss her. Caitlin is wearing an official “Head for the Day” t-shirt which lets everyone know just who’s in charge.


Caitlin’s interim position as Head for the Day comes courtesy of her parents, the highest bidders for Mr. Milroy’s experience item at this year’s fundraising auction.

Caitlin is not taking her new role lightly and has already implemented a few changes. In addition to calling for free dress, Caitlin had decreed a special recess period for the entire 6th grade and is currently meeting with Mr. Milroy, Middle School Director Mr. Joseph, and two special middle school consulting advisers regarding improvements within the Villa Middle School.

The rest of Caitlin’s schedule is booked solid. She has K-2 recess supervision duty, lunch, and then classroom visits to oversee.

Perhaps you can catch her out front at afternoon carpool duty – she shouldn’t be too busy for a friendly wave!

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