The Mysterious White Dome

Have you seen it?

Have you noticed the mysterious white dome that was recently erected below the parking lots?

What is it?

Where did it come from?

We are excited to announce the Garden Learning Center, a project funded by a Villa Parent Association Grant and recently assembled by the Villa Green Team. The green house will be used to sprout seeds for the adjacent garden beds and as an educational tool for multiple grade levels.

(We ask the curious to look but not touch the structure.)

Third and Sixth grade students in particular will use the new structure in their study of nutrition, digestion and sustainability.  On Monday November 14th, both grade levels will venture to Old Chaser Farm on Vashon Island, an organic farm purchased by the Roberts Family as part of

Green Team Assembling the Garden Learning Center - a community service project funded by a Villa Parent Association grant

a sustainable farming project with a local Seattle restaurant.

Students will have the opportunity to tour the farm, meet farm manager, Pierre Monnat and restaurant owner, Matthew Dillon to discuss sustainability goals and learn hands-on farming practices that can be adopted at Villa Academy.

The field trip will encourage thought and planning for our joint garden community service project this winter and spring. This project is intended not only to teach nutrition and sustainability, but also to highlight the importance of giving back to our local and global community.

Catholic Social Teaching includes our responsibility to care for the world’s resources as stewards and trustees, rather than mere consumers and users. Meeting human needs today and in the future demands owners, managers, and regulators of all resources, especially those required for the production of food have an increased sense of stewardship and conservation.

Info about Old Chaser Farm

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