A Fourth Grade Essay

Ms. Cassarino’s 4th grade class worked on this essay as a followup to a very successful Empty Bowls Soup dinner for Food Lifeline.

4th Graders Battle Hunger in Western Washington

The annual Empty Bowls Soup dinner was from 5:00 – 6:30 on April 7, 2011.  It was a nice, spring Thursday night, a perfect night for a family gathering.  The tickets for the Soup Dinner were $3.00 a piece, and $10.00 for a handmade bowl.  We served over 150 people and raised close to $1,000.00 for Food Lifeline.

Our 4th grade soup dinner raises awareness about hunger in our community and we learn about world hunger.  We donate the proceeds to Food Lifeline who uses 96 cents for every dollar they earn to feed the hungry in Western Washington.  That’s just a few reasons why we have the dinner.

To prepare for this dinner, we peeled carrots and cut them.  We also cut onions, celery, chicken, and separated soup ingredients.  In addition, we took butter, put the butter in bowls and creamed the butter.  Another job that we did was to cut loaves of bread into pieces.

We made special soup bowls in art class.  The bowls were sold for $10.00 a piece and they held extra soup.   We gave the bowls to our parents and said in our poem to them, “This empty bowl that you take will remind you of all our caring.”  The $10.00 went to Food Lifeline as a donation.

Some families don’t get to sit down and have dinner together.  At the soup dinner, it’s a family time, so we got to eat together.  No sports were in the way.  Over 160 family and friends came to the soup dinner.  Another visitor who came was named Erin.   She is a representative from Food Lifeline.  Erin gave a speech about Food Lifeline and ending hunger and complemented us on our service.

A job that we did at the soup dinner was to refill the water pitchers whenever they were empty.  Also, we gave our painted bowls to someone in our family.  For serving the soup, we did one to two ladles of soup for small bowls and put a little more in the big bowls.  After we served the soup and the bread we would ask, “Would you like a cookie?”

At the soup dinner we ate lots of good food.  Chicken noodle soup that we made ourselves, and slice of bread with butter.  For dessert we could choose from a variety of different cookies.  It was delicious.

During the dinner all of the 4th graders went up to the middle of the room, said a prayer and recited a poem about hunger.  The poem really showed just how lucky we are.  We shared that 55% of the people around the world suffer from hunger in our poem.

The fourth grade raised about $1,000.00 from the ticket sales and an impromptu donation after the program.    We are giving all of our money to Food Lifeline.   We are able to feed 1,000 people for one whole day with that money.

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