Coins for a Cause!

WHEN: January 21st  –January 28th


WHERE: Your child’s classroom

The second trimester preschool service project was inspired by a P5 family. This Villa family has been previously involved in service efforts in Guatemala and will be traveling to Guatemala in February to continue these efforts.

The preschool would like to help by encouraging students to participate in a coin drive to fund nutritional assistance for the children in crisis from last year’s tropical storms.

It costs $2.50 a month for each child enrolled in the nutrition program. For kids under two, this particular supplement improves their cognitive and motor development, improves their IQ’s, and boosts their immune systems. And, it says a lot to the communities that we are partnering with medical personnel who speak their own Mayan dialect, Kaqchikel.

The preschool is excited for the opportunity to learn about a culture different from our own and to follow the adventure of a Villa family who will be going full circle with our coins in Guatemala.

Watch this video featuring Mrs. Hernon’s medical partner for this project, Peter Rohloff. He was featured on ABC’s 20/20 a couple of weeks ago – he explains the nutrition issues facing Guatemalan kids…

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