Environmental Camp

Testing Water Quality This spring Villa Academy’s fifth grade students will take their science studies outdoors on an environmental adventure to the Olympic Park Institute: Wednesday, April 21st through Friday, Friday April 23rd

The Olympic Park Institute is an overnight camp and field science facility outside of Port Angeles.  The field science education program encourages students to make a personal connection to the natural world and become good stewards of the environment. Activities are inquiry based and focused on the scientific process.

This three-day fieldtrip will coincide nicely with the fifth grade spring science curriculum.   Just prior to their trip, students will participate in a simulation, called “Environmental Detective,” that explores the mystery of why fish are dying in the “Gray Area.”  Then at camp, students will test the health of Barnes Creek and Lake Crescent.

Classroom activities coupled with the Olympic Park Institute field exploratory will help students understand how our actions positively and negatively affect the environment.

Click here for more information on 5th grade’s trip to Environmental Camp

Environmental Camp

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