Villa Prepared

Villa Prepared!

A child’s unbearable wait for independence and
autonomy happens at an unimaginable speed for their
parents.  Decisions regarding nutrition, bedtime, and
weekly allowance rapidly morph into discussions of
driving privileges, chores, and curfew negotiations – every
stage of development continuously redefining a child’s

Whether it’s the day they learn to walk or the day they
learn to drive, the margins of freedom are always being
tested.  This is healthy and normal. .  . but also a parent’s
test of faith!

Faith that God is looking out for their child’s every step.
Faith, that there is a place and a purpose for their child.
And faith, that as parents, they have done everything
possible to contribute to their child’s success.

The most significant contribution a parent can make in
their child’s life is education.  When you can no longer be
by their side, or in other ways provide guidance, your
student’s decision-making skills will determine their
ability to self-direct, a skill imperative to success in all
facets of life.

Tom and Linda Ruggles feel confident they have done
just that.  They know their daughter, Kendall, was
“incredibly well prepared coming out of Villa.”  For nine
years, she was challenged by the Villa community and
encouraged to reach her fullest potential.

The Ruggles attribute much of her success to Villa’s high
academic demands, and recall that even “early in the
Lower School, organizational skills are emphasized and,
gradually, the students are held more and more
accountable for their work and participation in class.”
Kendall’s transition to Seattle Prep went smoothly, and
the family agrees, they “could not be more pleased with
their experience.”

Susan Kaluzny, another parent of an accomplished Villa
Alum, has similarly positive sentiments about her choice
to send her son to Villa.  Susan stresses that the decision
was based on more than academics alone, she makes it
clear that they “wanted a place where Andrew could be
challenged academically, but where he would also be
nurtured spiritually and emotionally.”

That’s exactly what the Kaluzny family got.  Not only did
Villa Academy prepare Andrew “to be self-disciplined
and organized,” but the “very warm, supportive
community” allowed Andrew to “figure out who he
wanted to be, make mistakes, and always know that he
would be accepted.”

Susan is proud of her son’s ambitious approach to
learning.  Now at Lakeside, Andrew has chosen to take 7
classes although only 6 are required.  Susan is thankful
for her son’s determined attitude and believes that Villa
deserves much of the credit. In her words, Villa “instilled
in Andrew a life-long love of learning and an intellectual
curiosity that has helped him thrive”.

Parent, Teresa Woodward, remembers a conference with
her son, Wil’s, high school math teacher. The teacher
commented, “that many students could be seen rushing
through their math homework on the morning it was due,”
but Wil was always prepared, “he did his homework at
night” as assigned.

Even more importantly, Wil was ready to help others and
actively participate. Teresa suspects, Wil’s enthusiasm
developed because, “participation was expected from him
at Villa and was not new to him in high school.”

Every graduate of Villa Academy is prepared for further
study and a successful future. Lisa Percival, a parent of
three boys, all Villa Alums, always knew Villa Academy
was a great school, but she admits, she “didn’t know how
great until they moved onto the next level . . . their
transition to Seattle Prep was seamless and they were
more than prepared for high school.”

Parents and students alike appreciate Villa’s sense of
community. The building is a school, but what goes on inside
is more than a generic education.  The community is united
in an effort to foster intellectually active children who are
also physically, emotionally, and socially competent.

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