8th Grade Focus: U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Villa 8th grade students work throughout the year on their culminating projects, spending over 200 hours researching, investigating, writing, and presenting. This year, they each chose a topic centered around a UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

The 8th Grade Culminating Project is a collaborative project that investigates a single theme through the lens of the United Nations' 17 SDGs in Social Studies, and individualized, directed scientific connections in Science. Find out more>

Villa Academy Students Fight Summer Hunger

When summer was just around the corner, many children in our community were squirming in their seats, ready for the break from classes and time outside with their friends. But a few of our favorite hunger-relief advocates—the fourth graders at Villa Academy here in Seattle—were concerned with a more pressing issue that comes with summertime: the well-being of other kids who depend on school meal programs. Students decided to help make a difference by becoming spokespeople for Food Lifeline's Summer Meals Campaign to end summer hunger.

These socially conscious kids volunteered to be featured in a video for Food Lifeline's annual gala, Savor. The video explained the increased need for nutritious food during the summer months and how Food Lifeline helps meet that need. It also spurred Savor guests' generosity—the event raised a record $430,000! Read more>

Exploring Current and Historical Conflicts Around the World

7th graders hosted the annual Villa Academy World Fair  in the Rainbow Theater recently. Parents, students, and faculty learned more about conflicts around the world through the projects 7th graders had created over the course of the year in World Geography. Guests explored student work that covered everything from pollution in Antarctica, to obesity in Mexico, to lion poaching in Africa, to the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.
Read more and view more photos>

Congratulations to Villa Alumni, Class of 2012

The following Villa Alums have made us proud with their 2016 high school graduation achievements!
Kristen Deife, Holy Names Academy; Molly Henling, Blanchet; Theodore Looney, O'Dea

Sophia Looney, Holy Names Academy
Isabelle Van Zuylen, Holy Names Academy
Olivia Waltner, Holy Names Academy

Commencement Speakers
Theodore Looney, O'Dea
Sophia Looney, Holy Names Academy

Jody Elsner, Preschool and Lower School Director

Jody Elsner, Preschool and Lower School Director

Dear friends,

Welcome to Villa's Preschool Program. Our classes for ages 3, 4, and 5 are safe, nurturing places where preschoolers learn, explore, and discover.

We believe in play with a purpose.
Each child’s natural desire to explore is enthusiastically encouraged and drives the learning process.

We believe in educating the whole child.
As they prepare for kindergarten, our preschool students build the academic and social/emotional skills necessary to thrive in our challenging Lower School program.

We believe in a vibrant, inclusive community.
Regular visits to the library, gymnasium, and theater for school-wide events, as well as time spent with their upper school “buddies” gives preschoolers the advantage of being part of a larger community. While Catholic, Villa is not connected to a parish and all are welcome here.

We believe that children learn at different speeds.
More than a repeat year of preschool, our “More Time for Five” program offers five-year-olds continued preparation for kindergarten.

My colleagues and I invite you to find out more about our preschool programs by exploring our website or contacting our Admissions staff. We look forward to meeting you and your family!


Jody Elsner
Preschool and Lower School Director

Jody Elsner, Preschool and Lower School Director

Jody Elsner, Preschool and Lower School Director

Dear friends,

Welcome to Villa's Lower School Program for Kindergarten through fifth grade students. These are the years when children harness their imaginations and natural curiosity to learn how to synthesize and share what they are learning.

We encourage a love of learning.
Small classes allow our teachers to continually assess the needs of each student and create dynamic and engaging lessons. Our students develop a love of learning and build a strong foundation in reading, writing, and math skills.

We encourage critical thinking.
Our students are challenged to build their knowledge of the world around them, developing critical thinking skills with a cross-disciplinary approach that enriches learning.

We encourage a well-rounded education.
Visual arts, music, books, world languages, technology, sports and fitness come alive as our specialist teachers work in concert with homeroom teachers. Social/emotional skills are practiced throughout the curriculum.

We encourage community.
Students in Kindergarten through grade 5 interact regularly with our preschool and middle school students during schoolwide events, clubs and sports, and through our Buddy Program. Our school community is inclusive; all are welcome here. While Catholic, Villa is not connected to a parish.

Please take a few moments to find out more about our elementary level programs by exploring our website or contacting our Admissions staff. Our community is excited to meet you and your family!


Jody Elsner
Preschool and Lower School Director

James Joseph, Middle School Director

James Joseph, Middle School Director

Dear friends,

Welcome to Villa's Middle School Program for grades 6 to 8. Our middle school students are learners, problem solvers, and community leaders.

We challenge our students to excel academically.
Our rigorous academic curriculum prepares students for success in the finest college-prep high schools. Our small classes and passionate teachers provide the personal attention middle schoolers need.

We challenge our students to become independent, lifelong learners.
Our faculty work collaboratively to guide students towards increasingly independent and self-directed learning.

We challenge our students to be self-reflective leaders of a community.
A research-based social emotional curriculum designed by our faculty leads our students and parents through the ups and downs of the early teen years. We believe that all students can be leaders. Our inclusive school community helps our middle schoolers embrace differences and recognize the strengths in others.

We challenge our students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.
Our hands-on, project-based curriculum encourages our middle schoolers to think freely and across disciplines; they examine complex, real-world issues, and work collaboratively toward solutions.

To learn more about our middle school program, simply explore our website or contact our Admissions staff. Our faculty and students are eager to get to know you and your family!


James Joseph
Middle School Director

Smiling Villa Middle School boys and girlsInclusion & Diversity

Villa Academy is a welcoming and inclusive community, committed to the vision and spirit of our founder, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, whose mission was to educate and care for society’s marginalized and most vulnerable, particularly its children, regardless of race, color, creed or background.

Villa’s Faculty, Staff and Parents, therefore, are committed to:

  • Graduating students who have a greater cultural competence achieved through knowledge of the needs and attributes of many communities and are preparing for the day when they will take a place in these communities as competent, concerned and responsible members;
  • Teaching our students directly and by example, a clear and uncompromised understanding of how our differences are a source of immeasurable strength;
  • Nurturing in our students a desire to understand the multiple perspectives of those they encounter resulting in honorable, respectful and meaningful interactions with people from all walks of life;
  • Helping our students broaden their views of themselves and others by ensuring that they appreciate their own backgrounds and experiences while honoring the differences of others;
  • Learning continually about the value of cultural inclusion and the most effective means to communicate that value, to ensure that our students develop compassionate hearts and confident minds throughout their Villa Academy experience.

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